design process

I like to spend time with each client to get a feel for who they are, what their personal tastes and styles are. It’s important to know if they are a hands-on outdoors person, or if they prefer a low maintenance environment. Once the criteria is established I can develop a landscape design that amplifies the beauty of the house. It will look good now, and 20 years later.

Site Visit
There’s no substitute for walking a property. I can look at photos and image boards, but I need to be on site to get a real feel for the land; see how the light and shadows interact with the structures. That’s when I get most of my “wow” ideas that transform a design into a comprehensive plan.

Site Sketch
Once I have a solid understanding of the clients goals and budget, have connected with the property nuances, I am ready to start connecting the lines and drawing the dreamscape.  The client receives a complete landscape plan including the new structures and plant material selection.